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Complaint to Medical Council of NSW – Re: Dr Gary Persley & Dr A

(Former non-publication and suppression orders by Medical Council of N.S.W)

Notification made by Lisa_______ on the 20th of May 2015.

Thorough explanations, formal details and evidential ‘fact’ /documents/transcripts will be made   available at your request, law providing.

We received confirmation from you upon submission of the online ‘notification’ form we sent you on the 16th of May 2015. I write you in regards to the serious malpractice by Dr Gary Persley, Dr Keith Abel, Dr A in 2011-2014, extending to current status. Location of events is Lismore Base Hospital NSW.


Dear Sir/Madam
As a result of this course of action to seek justice for the irrevocable damages incurred under the administration of Dr Gary Persley, Dr Keith Abel, Dr A to my/our children and myself  in 2011 – 2014, we hope to achieve satisfaction. It is imperative to our family, also public welfare, that this highly sensitive notification is carefully considered, since innocent lives have been sabotaged as a result of serious professional misconduct by the Psychologist, Dr Gary Persley [Signature of doctor supporting Dr A], Dr Keith Abel, Dr A. Unquestionable breaches of common, civil, legal and human rights by malfeasance, defamation, descrimination, deprivation of liberty and character assassination are prevalent, therefore proper administration, investigation and examination of this fragile case is vital to our children’s wellbeings, theirs and our lives and the future of our loving family.

We seek to inform you of our intention to address and investigate the gross and perverse misconduct whereby these doctors actions resulted in extreme devistation (we are enduring extensive damage whilst undergoing repairs to restore our family life, also to own wellbeings) as we were/are torn apart and suffering from the ill repocussions of malpractice by this doctor and the vital role he played in dismantling my role as a caring, protective mother, depraving them (our children) of their natural, caring, wholesome mother and sealing their fate as ordered by the state. A certain organization (DoCS) wanted an outcome that Dr Gary Persley was willing to provide, wherein he aided and abetted the orchestration of an illegitimate operation within a certain highly influential department (signatory, evidence available at your request). The depth of Dr Gary Persley’s involvement, along with certain of his colleagues is frightening and disgusting to say the least. I was severely punished by his command for contacting the HCCC whereby my letter of complaint was intercepted by his staff members and withheld, breaching protocol, resulting in physical harm and non condoned or warranted administration of injections and isolation whilst confined until the birth of my baby. As described by Dr Keith Abel, a collegue of Dr Gary Persley, the illegal confinement until assumption of my newborn was a directive from his superiors, literally stating that it wasn’t he who administered this horrifying unlawful instruction, he claimed it was the ‘powers above’.
Dr Gary Persley and Dr Keith Abel, Dr A facilitated the illegal and unlawful confinement, abuse and unwitting c-section followed by a swift motion where our newborn babies were consecutively taken and covered up by the fabrications produced by authoritive powers. There were ‘No Grounds For Removal’ for Arjuna and Alaska (2011) prior to the birth of their new sibling Mana (born 2011) and later, Silver (born 2013). There were never any findings on legal grounds for the archaic ‘assumption’ as undisputable evidence shows (available at further notice of proceedings).

This case involving DoCS/FaCS is under scrutiny and pending investigation. Until now, we have been denied justice, as have our beloved children. Dr A and Dr Gary Persley sought orders in 2012 in which were granted during the final stage of my court proceedings, supposedly in protection of  Dr A’s own children suffering further harm to their aready fragile psychological state due to their fathers previous charges and exposure of his crimes. Dr A and Dr Gary Persley were granted ‘Non-Publication’ and ‘Suppression’ Orders until his youngest children reached the age of eighteen. These ‘orders’ extended for three years, until recently surpassed, all the while our own innocent children and I (also Dean) suffered immense excruciating agony at the hands of these doctors and by the catastrophic effects thereafter.
Various bodies have been informed of this case, the list is six years long. We have monitored activity within certain governing bodies for quality assurance, security, accountability and records keeping and training purposes. The material gathered can be of great assistance in solving this case, also our extensive experience of processes and protocol in which highlight the shortfalls of ‘the system’ may provide some perspective and be used for research purposes. Factions monitored are the Police Force, DoCS/FaCS, Mental Health Services,/Facilities/Hospitals/GP’s, Legal Practicioners, Prosecution, Magistrates and other government agencies, officials and subcontractors of which have become civil matters. At many conjoined levels, certain individuals misused/abused their Power of authority in unlawful ways and have harmed members of the public, in this case, myself, Lisa Barrett, and our children, Alaska (8), Mana (5) and Silver (3), also my son Arjuna (18), all of whom were ‘assumed’ by the Department of Community Services and aided Dr Gary Persley who willfully breached protocol in the process. Our son, Mana, was born and immediately removed upon Dr Gary Persley’s instruction and enforcement, then following two years later in Glen Innes where our daughter, Silver, suffered the same fate, again, on DoCS sighting this doctors’ false observation and  signatory of one page that enabled the ‘assumption’ (abduction) of each of my/our healthy, wholesome, beautiful babies (and future children) to be taken without questioning the documents validity. Furthermore, the small page was instantly believed when read by the Department of Community Services, affiliates/associates, Magistrates and another doctor whom judged me incorrectly, qualifying their actions, ill, unlawful and unwarranted as they were, despite them not meeting or speaking with me/us between deliveries of both Mana (2011) and Silver (2013) or ever! On the occasion where the truth/facts became clear that DoCS in Lismore had committed ‘foul play’ and that they (Glen Innes DoCS), too, can and will be held accountable for acting upon illegitimate documentation produced illegally and unlawfully without investigation. I strongly advised the DoCS workers and police officers that if they proceed to take our baby (from the Glen Innes Hospital at one day old) that they would be aiding and abetting an already illegal operation, thus alerting them to the legal ramifications for proverbially ‘getting their hands dirty’.

Other complaints conjunct with this case (Dr Gary V Persley) are civil matters in which occured from the degradation and despair, torment and tragedy that were a result of the malpractice and fabrication of my entire file, conducted by Dr Persley, in association with the Department. Serious ‘Conflicts of Interest’ are the common denominator between involved parties, many high profile identities are involved. We suffer from the substantial harm by these doctors, whereof they breached registration regulations, code of conduct and professional standards, and are currently undergoing extensive repairs to restore our family life as we were, and still are torn apart and left to suffer the ill effects of ‘parental alienation’ as our children also do; due to the actions/inactions by an ‘Impaired Practitioner’. ‘Parental alienation’ is an issue only those of us who have painstakingly endured such heavy heartache can relate to, shared by many others throughout history, and the only cure is to maintain our wellbeing in the hope and effort to be reunited with our children, Alaska, Mana and Silver who evidently need and yearn us, their endearing parents, as we need and want more than anything in the world to have them restored to us as justly and rightfully so. Time is of the essence.

We obstain from providing you more specific detail of accounts, currently withheld to allow time to establish communication with your council prior to our detailed extensive submission (a six year compilation of comprehensive research), whereof documentation will be provided in due course. Please contact me for cross examination if and when you have queries regarding the authenticity and accuracy of information from any source, as a measure to prevent further apprehension of bias by members of the board in relation to these doctors and other persons, shall a conflict of interest be of concern. The nature of our case is rife with such occurances, and in protection our children we exercise caution; we hope you respect our discretion. This is a sensitive matter and the entirety of generated documentation is under contest, thus reading of the content of any, some and all of the paperwork shall not alter/sway judgements and decisions, as court transcripts will confirm the truth, eventually. We will see justice prevail; our children returned, my record corrected and those whom contributed to the harmful damage to our family be held accountable.

Dr Gary Persley now operates from the Tweed Heads Hospital in Nth NSW. We originally submitted our complaint in 2015 and Dr Gary Persley was notified of our complaint to the Medical Council of N.S.W. We received confirmation by email from your council in May 2015 and were assured our position was that we were accepted by the board to progress to the final stage before our case was to be heard and we recieved a phonecall from Georgia to verify our position according to your acceptance of our case. During the phonecall we discussed the possibility reprisals upon filing our complaint and notifying the doctor. Georgia stated that she could not guarantee our confidence and soon after the due process we began to suffer those reprisals in the form of our contact visits with our children being nullified, also when we notified certain members of the police force reprisals were concurrent. We hereby approach your board on this occassion as we are once again ready to take this case appropriate authority for review, hence we place our faith in your board to seek justice and resolution.

Yours Sincerely
Lisa _______